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Wuxi Century Bio-pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.,with the area of 67000 square meters and beautiful surroundings,is located in Wuxi national tourism resort,in the west of Taihu Lake and in the south of the Huning highway,2Kms away from the largest buddha sculpture Lingshan Grand Buddha.
  Wuxi Century Bio-pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech company invested by Jiangsu Taihushui group.The process of production is automatically controlled by computer.The central laboratory of our company owns the advanced instruments such as HPLC,UV-VIS,GC,etc.
  Sixty percent of the total employee in our company is professional.We mainly develop and manufacture green tea extract(tea polyphenol) and pharmaceutical ingredient ,Tropicamide with GMP quality and certifcate .

Name: tropicamide
Name: Theaflavins Brief introduction
Name: Tea Polyphenols

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