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Name Specification Analysis methods
Theaflavins 22% UV
Water-soluble theaflavins 20-80% HPLC
Tea polyphenols 50-98%ˮ UV/HPLC
EGCG 98%90% HPLC
Matcha powder TT302 Chromaticity detection
TT305 Chromaticity detection
Instant black tea powder TT-RWS-R 10 Chromaticity detection
Instant dark tea powder TT-RWS-B 11 Chromaticity detection
Instant puer tea powder TT-RWS-P 10 Chromaticity detection
Theanine 10-40% HPLC
Tea polysaccharide 40% UV
Tea yellow pigment TT-CY 10 Chromaticity detection
Theabrownine TT-CE 10 UV
Thearubigins TT-CH 10 UV


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